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The EAL Department (English as an Additional Language) conducts scientific testing services among students to form an overview of students’ language capacities in all areas, providing reference for a tailored training curriculum.

To upper-school students (Upper 5th - Upper 6th), EAL offers a wide range of exam training courses such as preparatory and advanced courses for IETLS, TOEFL and SAT. Our experienced staff, small class size, academic tracking and innovative training curriculum contribute towards our consistent training results. So far there are many successful cases in which students have scored above 8.0 in IELTS and 110 in TOEFL.

EAL has incorporated advanced language labs and internationally recognised cognitive testing into the teaching process, which help parents follow the progress of student capabilities. The EAL staff, having graduated from world-renowned universities, are all qualified professionals in TESOL and NTC whose theoretical and practical experiences provide firm assurance to school-wide English learning.

Answer to Parents’ Concern

Chinese students attending an international school are suddenly placed in an English-speaking environment. will they have issues adapting due the language barrier?

The answer is yes, and the disorientation could last for 3 to 6 months.

Then, how does Malvern College Qingdao help students transit from the traditional Chinese education to the UK education system?

MCQ has established a language center focusing on the teaching of EAL (English As Additional Language). The EAL curriculum system is self-developed, covering vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking. It has a special emphasis on reading so that students get to immerse in the Western culture. Courses are tuned to aim at each individual student’s weakest spot. Moreover, the language center conducts test-paper analysis every year to establish a long-term effective tracking mechanism. In order to make a good connection with other subjects, EAL has adopted a stratified test program which provides scientific and meaningful insights into placement of students.