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Message from Deputy Headmaster Pastoral

Ladies and gentlemen,

“Welcome to Malvern College Qingdao. Malvern College Qingdao is a boarding school which covers all aspects of family life. The school is full of enthusiasm and positive attitude which is obvious to visitors, and students here are friendly and open minded which is one of the school's  important advantages.

The fourteen boarding houses provided by Malvern College Qingdao are fully surrounded by a real family atmosphere with each member in houses being welcomed and valued. Each house is equipped with a housem and an assistant housem who supervise the normal operation of the houses day and night. Everyone here is trying to provide our students with a real sense of home and belonging where they can relax, enjoy. House is also a place full of warmth, safety and for students to develop solid and lasting friendships. Each room has Internet access, making their leisure time, learning and communication easier and more enjoyable. Besides, each house provides a comfortable common room with access to all the facilities for students to study in and relax with friends, watch TV and movies, listen to music and play games during spare time. Younger students benefit from this enormously since it is a great place for them to talk to the senior students for advice and suggestions either academically or socially.

Study is important for students and therefore always comes first in house every night. Students can choose to study together in a well-equipped common room. Our goal is to cultivate students' self-conscious and independent learning atmosphere.

We also encourage students to study individually outside the study time. Each house has a planned activity every Sunday, including activities taking place in the Laoshan district and the Chengyang business district. During the winter and summer holidays, there will be overseas camp, such as trip to Britain and Australia.

Integrating into a boarding community can be a huge change and challenge for some students, but they will soon adapt to this very pleasant and comfortable lifestyle. Tolerance, compassion, teamwork, leadership, organizational skills, and the ability to interact with others will all develop very quickly. Boarding life here provides students with an immeasurable experience and makes them well prepared to for life in future as they go on to college.

The boarding life at Malvern College Qingdao provides a healthy atmosphere for students to study hard on weekdays and enjoy interesting activities with friends in their leisure time.”

P. Shaw

Deputy Headmaster Pastoral