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MCQ students are divided into fourteen houses: the girls’ houses are Ellerslie、Wordsworth、Morgan、Victoria、Campbell、Weatherill、Brontë; the boys’ houses are Elgar 、Aston、Lewis、 School、Maclaurin、Foster、Blenheim. The core of MCQ boarding is holistic, providing personalised care and guidance to each individual. Students of all grades and nationalities live together, an opportunity to improve cross-cultural communicative capabilities across all ages. There is no concept of elitism within the MCQ houses, and team awareness is reflected in inter-house competitions.

Each year, house staff organise an extensive range of matches and competitions for the House Cup, including those for sport, academia, and art, as well as school-wide events for both Chinese and Western holidays, broadening students cultural horizons. Competitions are friendly, involving all house members, who broaden their non-academic interests by taking part in different types of competition. The House Cup encourages fitness in a competitive atmosphere, cultivates a sense of achievement and belonging, and promotes team spirit. Our aim is to create a culture of community in which each individual plays a role.